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Qbasic "F2" to display SUB programs. What about in PB?

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  • Qbasic "F2" to display SUB programs. What about in PB?

    PB for DOS 3.5

    Was just wondering what the equivalent of using "F2" to display
    the sub-programs.

    IN PB:
    Unless I scroll or search for the sub program, it is much more
    difficult to find the start and end of each subprogram.

    I have about 40 sub's, which are difficult to find! (In QB, "F2"
    and there they are!)

    Thanks for any help.

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    I am pretty sure that there is no equivalent in PB/DOS for the
    QB "F2" popup list.

    Plug: You could try my JellyFish Editor. It uses an "F4" popup
    function finder list. The editor works with PB/DOS as well as
    PB/DLL, PB/CC and PB/WIN. This assumes that you are running the
    PB/DOS compiler in a Windows environment. If you are on a DOS
    only operating system then obviously JellyFish won't run.

    Paul Squires
    FireFly SDK Designer - "Visual Designer for PowerBASIC"
    Cheetah Database System - "Nothing runs like a Cheetah"
    JellyFish Pro Editor - "Custom code editor for PowerBASIC"
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.


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      Does JFP work with Semen's PrePbEd? I use it for both my
      PB/Win 7.04 and my PB/CC 3.04. I am also a licensed user
      of PB/DOS 3.5, and when I just now saw that your software
      will also work with that, I became VERY interested.

      I would not be able to buy your software until sometime in
      October, though. I am currently 'puterless. My motherboard
      fried, and rather than bothering to make expensive repairs
      on an old PIII 600EB, I am saving up to buy a whole new, MODERN
      system in October. I am able to post this message because I told
      my roommate he could hook up his computer to my NIC/cable modem,
      using my monitor and stuff.

      Thank you for any replies.

      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


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        I just realized - Semen's PrePbEd is hardcoded for the IDE's
        that come with PB/Win & PB/CC. In October, I will have to look at
        his source code to try to determine if it can be changed to work
        with JFP, if your licensing even allows it. Either way, I have
        a suspicion that I will be buying JFP either in Oct. or Nov.,
        if for no other reason than for my PB/DOS.

        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


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          Disregard my question! I just went to the link provided by Paul,
          and from what I read, JFP supports tabbed windows, which is one
          of the reasons I have been using Semen's PrePbEd. And, since Semen
          released his code to the Public Domain (although I will still ask him for
          verification), I can modify his code so I can still use his special
          "tags" for resources, delay load, etc., and still be able to use
          JFP for my editor. Cool beans! Looks like I'll be buying JFP in Oct.
          or Nov.

          EDIT: oh, sheesh. I just went back to Paul's site. Unless "$24.95 USD"
          is a misquote for the price of JFP, I will definitely be buying it
          in Oct. I would buy it in Sep., even, except that it would be useless
          since I won't have a computer to use it on until the month after.
          Thanks, Paul, for making the cost so VERY reasonable! After the rave
          reviews I have seen for JFP in these Forums, and now that I know
          it costs so LITTLE, I am sold on it, especially now that I know that
          it also works with PB/DOS. Thanks, Paul.

          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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            BonBon 1.00 is a TSR that automatically keeps track of the subs, functions and include files used by your PowerBASIC programs. It lets you quickly see parameters, go to any sub or function, or open any given include file. Freeware by D. Hilger.

            Visit to download.



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              PBASSI.BAS for PowerBasic

              A TSR program for moving quickly to functions and subs in the IDE.
              Freeware (c) 1996 by Dieter Folger

              PB-ASSIstant is a handy little TSR for Power Basic programmers. It
              helps you to move quickly to functions and procedures in your source
              code when you are in the Power Basic IDE.

              When PBASSI is resistant, press Alt-F2 and you get a box with a list
              of all FUNCTIONs and SUBs in your source. You can choose by moving
              the cursor up and down and then pressing Enter. As quickly as
              lightning you are at the procedure and can work there. When you
              choose "Return to previous line" you are back at the line where you
              started from.

              If you have written a new procedure you should press F2 (=Save). Next
              time PBASSI is invoked, the program will read the source again and
              the list of procs is updated.

              You can remove the program from memory with Alt-F2 at the DOS prompt.

              First you get a message that you can only use the program within the
              IDE. If you press 'U' now PBASSI is uninstalled.

              PBASSI supports the mouse. Left button works like Return, right
              button like Esc. If there are more procedures that the window can
              show, click the down arrow for PgDn or the up arrow for PgUp.

              Available for download from