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DosPrint and shaded boxes

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  • DosPrint and shaded boxes

    My program prints to a HP laser(Dos & windows in LPT1) using
    Esc commands that produce shaded boxes for
    vertical & horizontal graphs.

    Downloaded demo version of DosPrint, works just fine with
    Sample.Bas using my current printer.
    This is my preparation to printing to a windows only printer.

    Tried putting those shaded boxes in Sample.Bas as a test and
    got nothing, the boxes just disappeared. I did check the
    DosPrint Help, however there didn’t seem to been anything
    that solves my problem.

    Give me a little push in the right direction like you’ve
    done in the past.



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    I have the earlier version of dllprint and have the same problem.
    Even chr$(176) with the Generic DOS font didn't work.

    I think the new version will print bmp files ? right ?

    You might try creating a small bmp with the shade you want and
    printing it.

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