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basic programs running slow under XP

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  • basic programs running slow under XP

    I have purchased Power Basic but have not yet used it because
    I use many sub routines and the work required to convert to
    PB seems to difficult.

    When running quick basic routines under XP,applications run
    maybe 5-10 times slower than under windows98 or DOS.
    Will I have the same problem in power basic?


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    Well, XP does not have DOS in it. It has a console that mimiks DOS
    and PB for DOS will run in that also. However, it will generally run faster
    than QB simply because it is faster.

    To run true 32 bit programs in the XP Console window, PBCC is the tool for that.
    PBCC brings all the DOS commands to Windows without the mess of
    Windows programming. The major change from DOS to Windows is that everything
    is within Functions or Subs with at least ONE main function. And the change
    to PB Win from the console is very easy.



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      Some time ago I had the same issue running DOS .exe (pb) programs
      under XP and W2k

      Thanks to this forum I found a utility called TAME (do a search)
      that actually eliminated the multi slice problem and really did
      speed thinge up.

      Good luck




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