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  • Linux/unix

    Will power basic for dos programs run under linux/unix


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    Probably yes, if you use DOSEMU.


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      Another good dos emulator that doesn't require any DOS installation itself (no MS-DOS; has it's own implementation), see

      dosbox is an emulator, though, meaning it emulates the OS as well as the processor. This is unlike dosemu which is actually a virtual machine. dosbox will run on any unix/windows/mac platform on any hardware (ppc, sparc, x86, arm, etc). Kind of nice that way. dosemu has one advantage over dosbox and that is that dosemu can be scripted from the linux world, allowing a PB/DOS program to respond to CGI, for example, whereas dosbox runs in a graphical window with no real interaction with the host, other than a filesystem bridge that lets you mount arbitrary host paths as drive letters within dosbox.


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