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  • pb/dos

    I'd like to have PowerBasic 3.5 for DOS, but:
    I'm retired (65 years old but still active) and can't pay for this.
    Is somewhere anybody who will send me this for free?
    I'm living in Serbia (former Yugoslavia)

    Best regards


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    This simply must be one of those 'language things.'
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      I'd like to own a really nice car, but I'm young(ish) and don't have the money
      so can't pay for this. Is somebody anybody who will give me this for free ?
      I'm living in England (former Great British Empire)

      In the real world, products cost money and PB certainly is not
      free and why should it be. Powerbasic offers a 30day money
      back offer if you are not satisfied so come on the compiler will
      not break the bank (as opposed to the car) !!

      and .... if you are 65 and still active then buy it like the rest of us


      Mark Baker

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      Mark Baker


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        If you just want to play with the potential of PBDos, then try FirstBasic which is available in the Download section of the PowerBasic site.
        I know that money can be tight for lots of people. Coming up with that amount in $US is beyond the reach of many, (believe it or not).
        best wishes, Ian Cairns

        ian[dot][email protected]
        :) IRC :)


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          The Demos grou in the Download section also has a limited version
          of PB/DOS 3.2 that you can try. It does not permit you to compile
          saved source files, but it can help you evalutate the later version
          of PB/DOS 3.5. Don't forget the PB/Xtra download just below it,
          which gives you a lot of sample code and programs to look at.

          As I remember, programs written under version 3.2 all compiled and
          ran without problems using version 3.5, so this is truly a good
          trial. You can probably use cut-and-paste to put pieces of code
          into the editor and compile them.

          If you want a Basic programming language, not specifically PB/DOS,
          there are many available online from various sites. I might
          mention PureBasic, Dark Basic, Liberty Basic, BlitzBasic, among
          others. Also, some sites carry alternate editors and compilers.
          Some are free, some are shareware, some are commercial. Most
          for sale products have some form of trial version offered at no

          Different versions have different relative strengths, so it is
          worthwhile following links, provided by Google and other search
          engines, to those sites, then seeing what they can do and reading
          their claims. If you end up investing either money or your time,
          you want to make sure you will be happy with the end product.

          For commercial development, PowerBasic is the top of the line.
          They have full time employees and considerable overhead to deal
          with, so they cannot charge as little as some of the others,
          which may be labors of love and given only part time support.

          It's not all about commercial development anyway, as some of the
          other versions mentioned are focused on game creation and great
          graphics as part of their essential role. You can also find
          sites devoted to game development with great links and products
          that will increase your appetite in that area.

          But the fact is, PowerBasic is a business for profit, and how can
          they give away their product? Unfortunately, I don't know of
          anyone that offers older versions of development software in the
          same manner as used books or some other types of software. I see
          sites that offer outdated versions of different software at good
          prices, but I think most developers are convenced that they need
          the latest and greatest in order to maximize their efforts.

          Old Navy Chief, Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst, now semi-retired


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            Miroslav, I invite you to check into the world of open source software (OSS). OSS is software that you can download for free, complete with source code under licensing terms that allow you change the code and redistribute it to others. Many great tools are available under these terms including compilers, applications, and entire operating systems. The payment for using such programs is only time and a willingness to contribute back to the community any changes you make to the programs you use (if you felt the need to make such changes). When it comes to compilers, you probably won't need or want to modify them. Instead, just have fun. I recommend that you take a look at the GNU LibertyBasic Compiler Collection. You can find it at and there are binaries available for Unix and Windows (although not MS/DOS). Keep in mind that one of the things you pay for when buying PowerBASIC is a nice (well it was nice in its day) Integrated Development Environment or IDE. The GNU LiberyBasic Compiler Collection is commandline-only, meaning you will need to supply your own editor. Many compilers are like this. Still very useful if you are unable to afford PB.


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