this is an offshoot of a post by gary engelgau at
gary was concerned with using open "com1:"... to input data from
a microtouch touchscreen. so too am i.

using open "com1:".. it is relatively simple to
read and save any and all information that flows out of the
serial port with each touch of the touchscreen. my problem
is, what does all this information mean? which bytes stand for
x and y coordinates of the touch, and so forth?

on the other hand, i have also found that microtouch's claim for
its dos driver (dostouch.exe) is absolutely true: dostouch.exe
is a mouse emulator. that means that if all you want is x,y
coordinates (etc.), pb 3.5's demomous.bas, in the "examples"
subdirectory, is probably all you need. in fact, it's great,
and nothing could be easier. the microsoft mouse manual
provides even more information and controls than that, but
it still doesn't explain what each and every byte means.

footnotes: run demomous.bas in pure dos, with no
mouse driver loaded, and after running dostouch.exe, properly
configured and calibrated. it might work under other
conditions too, but don't count on it.

i do not know whether the drivers for any other brands of
touchscreens also operate as mouse emulators.