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  • Error Running PB

    Dear All,

    I generally find PowerBASIC 2.1 runs fine with Windows XP, but I
    do sometimes get an error messagebox saying 'memory full', with
    the title '16-bit application'. You can either click ignore or
    cancel (to close), but clicking ignore doesn't do anything.

    Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks,


    PS. Is it worth getting PB 3.5? Thanks again!


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    Windows XP has more power to control and define a specific
    environment for older applications than other versions of windows
    did. There was quite a detailed article on this that appeared in
    PC Magazine (or was it PC World?) a number of years ago. I can't
    put you on the article, but web-searching may turn up something
    for you.

    PB/DOS 2.0 was where I first got involved with PowerBasic. It was
    a remarkable advance over QuickBasic. That said, I've upgraded
    to each new release of PB/DOS as it came out, and have yet to
    regret taking that lead. Each one offers further improvements and
    enhancements. So if you want my opinion, you know what it is.
    Most of my developed programs could be migrated along with only
    minor changes, so there was small sacrifice involved.

    PB/CC and PB/WIN are what put the challenge to me. That is, while
    the PB/DOS upgrades might be described for the most part as
    incremental, PB/CC, PB/DLL, and PB/WIN were leaps forward. There
    is much of the familiar in them, but significant changes and new
    capabilities have been added. You can still do most of what
    you did in the DOS world using them, but a few things are
    different enough that you will probably feel somewhat restricted
    at times until you do a bit of research and learning. And then
    the possibilites will seem endless!

    Yet I keep PB/DOS handy because either there is a program I need
    that I wrote before under it, or because it seems particularly
    well suited to something I need to do now.

    Old Navy Chief, Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst, now semi-retired


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      sometimes get an error messagebox saying 'memory full'
      You might try to play with the settings of the PIF you use to launch the program; there are several regarding memory management.

      Is it worth getting PB 3.5?
      Easy: yes! Of course it might also be that you make a particular use of PB/DOS so that you wouldn't use the new features, however i hardly can imagine such a situation.
      If you didn't look at (PB/DOS 3.5 features) yet, it can help you in figuring that out, especially the link at the bottom ("What's new since PB/DOS 3.2?"), keeping in mind that you'd come from 2.1 so you'd get even more from 3.5.

      Davide Vecchi
      [email protected]