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    Lprint sends data to a printer if the printer happens to be connected
    to a serial port. Most of todays printers connect to USB. Does anyone
    have the code for writing a driver for a usb printer, in pb 3.5 or 3.2.
    Thank You


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    I could be wrong, however, I believe that DOS Compilers will not
    recognize some USB devices directly due to the devices being
    Windows only devices. On printers, for example, you would need
    a Windows program that would monitor the DOS printer port and
    redirect the text to the Windows driver which would convert the
    text into the corect format for the printer.
    Some more information on this subject is available in this same
    forum dated April 17,2000.
    Hope this helps.

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      The forum title is:Printing via the USB port
      Date:April 19 of 2000.

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        DOS support for USB is mixed. Any found drivers are usually
        device specific - certain CD drives, hard drives, or printers
        may be covered. It might be a fruitless search to find a
        suitable driver, especially for a non-parallel port printer.

        One of the advantages of Win9x/Me is how close they are to
        DOS under the hood. Just like the use of long file names,
        booting into windows then opening a DOS window or just starting
        up with a command line prompt can give you the benefit of having
        windows drivers installed, even when working from the DOS command

        People who draw the line in the sand and say that they will not
        move beyond DOS, or will not move up from an older version of
        Windows to something newer, need to recognize that sometimes you
        can have the best of both worlds by installing more than one OS
        on their system, or that staying with something that has had no
        serioud upgrade in ten to 20 years is going to hurt at some point.
        Especially when it comes to using newer hardware and software.

        Old Navy Chief, Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst, now semi-retired