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  • Resume with FreeDOS

    Has anyone used FreeDOS with the On Error Resume?

    My programs work fine with FreeDOS. However if I have to use the Resume for
    error handling, then FreeDOS crashes. I tried different versions of their
    command com and Kernal, but all do not like the Resume. Some freeze for a
    few seconds then take you back to the command com, while others give an eroor at:code.

    Help is very much appreciated.


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    I just tried a simple test program and it seemed to work ok.

    I simply did a file open on a non-existant file. The resume worked just fine and I caught the error on the next line.



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      Thanks Mike,

      You are right. I tried on error resume with next and a label/line number and it worked fine.

      Im not sure what caused me to think that it was not working in FreeDos.



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        There still could be some issue with FreeDOS, though. The simple test I described only tested one aspect. Your program could be doing other things that cause FreeDOS to have problems, unrelated to the error catching and resume statement. I recommend you try running your program under MS-DOS and see if you can track down what trigger the crash and how.