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Largest executable in PB 3.5?

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  • Largest executable in PB 3.5?

    I'm wondering ...

    Does anyone reading this have PB 3.5 executables for DOS larger
    than 480K in size of the .EXE file. Nine in my suite are larger
    than 400K. I'd appreciate comments from anyone reading along with
    programs in this size range. In my entire development directory
    there are only two third-party executables above the 400K size.
    One is the utility WSEDIT.EXE which is a dual-mode single program
    which runs native under either DOS or OS/2 native that is a follow
    up utility to the old WordStar application for DOS and OS/2:

    WSEDIT DTA 28464 5-28-00 10:58a
    WSEDIT EXE 419231 3-28-00 10:20a

    It may not be a reasonable candidate for thinking about maximum
    size of DOS programs if it is put together with a switcher header
    which is the way it decides to run as DOS vs. native OS/2..

    The other is the OBasic native DOS compiler I have here:

    OB EXE 435200 10-29-97 9:04p

    I have no idea how the OBasic compiler is put together, but if you
    try to run it under native OS/2, it is executed as a normal DOS
    program, so that one is a fair candidate for large program notes.


    Mike Luther
    [email protected]
    Mike Luther
    [email protected]