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Bug in on-line help?

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  • Bug in on-line help?

    I've been writing a PB/DOS help file for a library I've been working on, but I've noticed that when I put multiple /LOOKUP keywords into a topic section and then try going to that topic (after I've compiled it with MAKEHELP.EXE) with the context-sensitive help keypress from some code in the PB/DOS IDE, that the on-line help goes to the index page of the help file rather than the topic associated with the /LOOKUP keyword. The MAKEHELP.EXE file that came with my copy of PB/DOS v3.5 is dated 16/Dec/97 (oops, forgot to make my fingers Y2K compliant )- is it out of date?
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    There have been no changes to that file in a long time, although your PB.EXE is a little out of date.

    I've never made a help file for the IDE, can anyone else here help? I seem to recall that Alan Earnshaw may have written a few help files...?

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