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32 bit dos command line file sort

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  • Michael Mattias
    >I was able to hook this into my internal ISAM routine with ease

    Just curious here, but if you have an ISAM in this app, why would one need an external sort utility?

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  • Mike Doty
    This might beat it. Would need a test file to sort.


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  • Paul Purvis
    i use rpsort 1.03 also now for over 2 years.
    it is very fast, even with low memory.
    for sorting large files, nothing beats it.
    wish i had found it years ago.
    but the mention of a sort program not sorting the headers might save
    a good bit of time, as all my data files (fixed length, fixed variables) have headers.
    thanks for the note.


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  • Bob Zale
    Dear "Just",

    I'm afraid that forum rules require that you register with your real, full name. No nicknames, no handles.

    Please re-register before you post another message?


    Bob Zale
    PowerBASIC Inc.


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  • Just BASit
    Guest replied
    Hi All ! !

    A Sort is Never just a SORT

    Did a quick search on this forum and found your post's why dont you check out :-

    Find anything better let me know??

    Have Fun



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  • Jim Gillem
    Guest replied
    A follow up and thanks to John Hackl for your tip about
    rpsort103 - I have tried it today and guess what: my benchmark
    test on a 30 ctr record x 1,000,000 results in a real eye opener.

    The file sorted by rpsort103 took 9 sec and by CMsort took 2.01
    min.... big jump from 500,000 @ 30 sec (x4?).

    So much for CMsort. btw I seem to remember trying rmsort several
    years ago and for some reason (other than speed) I went in
    another direction. The issue now is size and speed and rmsort
    wins the race.



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  • John Hackl
    I'm always on the lookout for a faster sort utility. For many years I use SEA's Qsort (I actually did pay for it), but then the version I had choked on files with nulls so then I saw a reference here for rpsort (v102) and it had no trouble with nulls.

    It wasn't a scientific test:
    CMsort.exe /Q /S=184,10 /S=71,11 /S=49,10 cy.txt cys.txt /+184:10 /+71:11 /+49:10 cy.txt cys.txt

    For 127 meg CMSort took 18 minutes, rpsort103 took 3 minutes.

    Give rpsort a try.

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  • Jim Gillem
    Guest started a topic 32 bit dos command line file sort

    32 bit dos command line file sort

    Heads up to anyone that needs to sort files in PBdos with win98,
    win2k or xp running.

    Just found the SORT program called: CMSORT.EXE. It really works
    great. AND fast AND free!

    Do a google search for it or goto:

    I have a need to scale up my inventory parts by part number and
    description for a new client with 500,000 items on file.

    This sort does the job in 20-30 seconds in xp-home 1.8 mh system

    You need to use a little logic to read the original file first
    and create a string to a file that includes the original record
    number for each random item together with the key word(s) to sort
    on and then shell to cmsort using the EASY options supplied.

    I was able to hook this into my internal ISAM routine with ease.

    The sort uses any and all memory in your box without messing
    around with memory managers. It handles text and rnd files.

    Try it.

    Anyone interested in how I have put it to use can email me at:
    [email protected]

    I have no interest in this freeware or the developer of this
    item but I am impressed at the way it allows me to address a
    new segment of the vertical market(s) I cater to.