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Dos Windos do not close after execute

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  • Davide Vecchi
    Matthias, i think you need to use some tool to do that (i'm not sure though).

    WinLib ( , freeware) - even though it has a very limited set of features - does things like that, so you might investigate it to see if it can help.

    Or - more likely - Perfect Sync's DOSBox ( ) might have what you need (maybe Eric can tell this); it has a 95%-functional Shareware Version too.

    Davide Vecchi
    [email protected]

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  • Steve Rossell
    This sounds like you are compiling to memory and running from
    the IDE. Try compiling to an EXE and then run the EXE outside
    of the IDE.

    Also put a END statement at the end of your code.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Matthias Kuhn
    started a topic Dos Windos do not close after execute

    Dos Windos do not close after execute



    PB 3.5 Dos code:

    $compile exe
    execute "c:\wordpad.exe"


    Problem: The wordpad opened - but I don´t see it because the
    Dos window stayed open as black screen.

    How to close the dos window after opening wordpad ?
    ( the box close after executing is set in the pif-file )

    Or how to set the focus always on the "wordpad.exe" to see it ?

    Thanks for help.


    Matthias Kuhn