Hi Tom,

first of all, many thanks for making EGUI available on your web
site. Looks like a great tool, according to the description ...
if I would get it to work.

I just downloaded EGUI and tried it (with PB 3.5).
However, the included PBU files seem to be compiled for an
earlier version of PB and do not work with version 3.5. I was
able to recompile some of these files from the included *.BAS
files; but there are still two PBU files without any source
included (ETDIRS.PBU and ETINDLST.PBU), and PBLIB rejects them
as "Invalid .PBU file". Would it be possible to get updated PBU
files, and/or the sources, for these?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hans Ruegg