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    Also in USA ?

    1. Open a file as binary
    2. get the data in a string
    3. look the structure (hex-monitor)
    4. make your algorithm (on groups and numbers)
    5. get the results

    and all without looking on any declarations you can´t imagine.

    for example : controlling your own telecommunication bill

    That´s PB and PR from a PB-Fan.


    Pardon, I am playing with my english.

    I mean : There are companies in Germany who work with DOS,
    but they don´t want to tell it to other people.
    The image of DOS is too bad and they want to be
    strong manager who define only newest features.
    So there is the mainstream
    (with their newest problems) and DOS as
    a secret trouble-shooter.

    And the companies in USA ?

    [email protected]


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    I'm just writing a bit of DOS code on my DOS programming setup at this very moment.

    I sold a DOS app to run on a laptop under XP last week.

    DOS is alive and well in North West Yorkshire!



      I'm also working on a PB/DOS program right now. A lot of people
      I work with want nothing to do with DOS applications, until I
      deliver a program that does what they want the way they want it.
      Then: silence.




        Thanks for these good examples.

        Please more like this. I must convince many Germans.




          I developed several automated trading systems for a financial trading advisor company, in PB/DOS 3.5, to run under DOS. The task was repeatedly testing trading algorithms with different parameters combinations. They were doing that with Windows apps that were taking about a week to make the job that this PB/DOS app does in 24h. It's about 4-5 years ago BTW, so i don't know what the DOS / Win speed difference would be with modern machines.


          These PCs could run forever without any reboot and without crashing or leaking resources, while their Windows PCs were needing periodical reboots (it was Win98 BTW).


          Davide Vecchi
          [email protected]

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            I have a PBDOS data acquisition program which runs unattended under W98SE, communicating with a server by serial link.

            This morning, we discovered it had stopped communicating over the weekend.

            Windows had detected the Daylight Savings Time changeover, and in making the change to the system clock had killed my process.

            Trust me, DOS doesn't do this.

            Jim Martin




              As a rule my Windows 98SE crashs every week.

              I don´t know why BUT I know how to react (FAT32).

              My DOS-applications are still alive and so I am sure
              that I only use Windows for Internet and USB.

              So it´s a pleasure to see that here on forum are
              so many experts
              who know what I mean and who don´t need any explanations.

              NOT (Using allowed understanding forbidden)

              I will see if there is silence when I will show these topics.