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DOS-Unit for file system operations incl. LFN-Handling (transparent)

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  • DOS-Unit for file system operations incl. LFN-Handling (transparent)

    Perhaps someone is interested in this old PB/DOS-Code posted here by me:


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    Do you have an English translation? Ich spreken kinder Deutch.
    (Read: Not very much).

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      oops.... I didn't think I have the time to translate the whole thing.
      But the var and proc Names are english, so I think with a few experiments
      you should be able to use the routines.....
      If you are very heavy interested, though, I would see if I can translate it....



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        On 29 Nov 05, Matthias Hoffmann wrote:

        Hello Matthias,

        ich mach's jetzt einmal schnell in Deutsch: Möchtest Du Deine alten
        DOS-Sourcen nicht auch in der Filebase auf meinem Server für die
        User zugänglich machen? Gerade die PB/DOS-Sourcen werden jeden Tag
        in großer Zahl vom FTP-Server gezogen.


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