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List(s) of PB/DOS 3.5 keywords?

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  • List(s) of PB/DOS 3.5 keywords?

    I wish to expand my custom PB IDE so it will also support editing/compiling
    PB/DOS 3.5 stuff. I have Borje's EDM32 hugely modified in many
    ways, and would like to expand it even more so it also highlights
    PB/DOS keywords as it currently does with PB/CC & PB/Win. However,
    I have been unable to find an official keywords list, neither in
    this site's downloads sections nor in my PBDOS folder.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Disregard. I remembered that I had an official copy of the PDF version
    of the PB/DOS help (yes, they are "legal" copies - I requested them
    a number of years ago from the sales people at PB, Inc., and they
    very nicely e-mailed them to me, free of charge). So, I used
    Adobe Acrobat and saved it to a plain TXT file. Then it was
    a simple matter of doing a series of parsing on the txt file.

    No replies needed in this thread.