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Less Acronyms - more understandable names

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  • Less Acronyms - more understandable names

    At the risk of appearing fairly thick, could I ask contributors to use less
    Acronyms and more names which we oldies find easier to understand.

    I note a reply by Lance Edmonds to a topic, referring to the UDT. That would
    obviously be quite easily understood by many people who read this site but there
    could be hundreds like me who don't have a clue what this means.

    Many acronyms are quite wrong. For example, Y2K to people these days means Year 2000
    but to those who started messing around with computer back in the dark ages, it means
    Year 2048!

    Here in Australia we are getting more of them to live with. The government has
    introduced a GST (goods and services tax) to become effective from July 1, 2000.
    We used to have an ACN (Australian Company Number) but this is to be changed to a ABN
    (Australian Business Number).

    Government departments indulge very heavily in acronyms and one must almost
    need to learn a second language to understand what they are talking about.

    How many attend seminars and leaving feeling a bit stupid because one didn't
    understand what was going on because of all the acronyms used? Naturally,
    speakers use them extensively as they
    seem to believe it makes them appear very intelligent.

    I am not suggesting this is the case with contributors to this forum because to
    many it is obviously their "second language" but it would help those not so
    involved in acronyms to better understand what everyone is talking about.

    Be kind and make a New Year's resolution.

    Help Brian to understand what you are writing about!


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    PMJI, IMO, FWIW, I agree with you. {G}

    -- Eric

    P.S. UDT = User Defined Type.

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      I agree with you, mainly when you state about acronyms:

      << Naturally, speakers use them extensively as they seem to believe it makes them appear very intelligent. >>

      I fear i just understood the reason why i often use them... Seriously, acronyms exclude people from immediate understanding, while they are supposed to improve the info interchange between who is aware of them. I don' t like them, they are a way to divide people that could benefit from each other instead. But sometimes i try to imagine a "normal" talk of mines at work and i see how long it would take without acronyms. As always, it' s probably matter of levels, but i don' t know.

      Davide Vecchi
      [email protected]

      P.S.: you should hear about tax names down here in Italy, you don' t know how much you would laugh. And should you know why they are called that way.... (kidding)



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        Too many TLA's?
        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
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