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  • WHY ?

    Hello experts,

    Back to future.

    Many people with heart-attack in Germany (serious).

    Database-problems without clearly solutions.


    But no discussion (like here) to change the situation.

    Helping is a hard thing because you must begin in the past.

    Not the newest is the best !


    Here are many (DOS and WIN98)-fans but I think we know
    that a database is a "backbone of all".

    Wrong data includes wrong decisions and fatal consequences.

    My idea works but it can´t change the images in head.


    Sometimes when I read the long declarations and the short names
    of new structures I feel like
    a beginner in programming.

    Mais au contraire je voudrais

    >>> make it the old way (free system -> free head and free heart). <<<

    >>> Thinking only for procedures. Names only as a secondary problem. <<<

    >>> Knowing WHY it works. <<<

    FREEWARE from Germany via eMail
    Ralf Feldhoff

    YES 100 % PB

    eMail : [email protected]

    Programming is a passion.
    But ALL Interfaces MUST be free !

    Or do you like to die in a one-way street when the hospital
    is at the beginning ?