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    Hi all !

    I've just bought the DOS version of PB.. I'll try to
    use it to develop applications for micro embedded computers.
    I have some LIB files that comes with the boards I'm using.
    Some of them are really useful and I'd like to use them
    with PB .
    The LIBs are suitable for Borland Turbo-C 1.0x for DOS (16
    bit code of course). Is it possible to use them with PB ??

    A second question: does the PB COM lib use DOS or BIOS or do
    direct access to serial port ??

    Thank you in advance.


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    hi franco.

    about using libs, i think you can't do it directly, you should try to convert them into obj files compatible with pb, but i don't know how. this info comes from another thread which might be interesting for you:

    about your 2nd question, i don't know.

    davide vecchi
    [email protected]

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      since pb/dos accesses the comm ports correctly under winnt/xp, it uses bios (inps and outs are not allowed under those o.s.).

      more than 15 years ago i started using turbobasic (the parent of pb/dos), which had problems in accessing comms on certain pcs. i wrote some direct i/o functions to access it, which still work under pb/dos (i posted a little sample: ).

      hence, if you don't work under nt-style operating systems, you can access comms via the bios, directly writing to the uart, or both (for instance, to setup a non-standard baud rate, you can open the line and then write the baud rate to the uart registers).


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      Rgds, Aldo


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        Originally posted by Aldo Cavini:
        Since PB/DOS accesses the COMM ports corectly under WinNT/XP, it uses BIOS (INPs and OUTs are not allowed under those O.S.).
        That was my understanding too, but I have a DOS program which accesses the COM ports directly (I know because I wrote it) which works fine under Windows XP. How, I don't know.

        - LJ

        - LJ


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          Actually, PowerBASIC /DOS uses neither the BIOS nor DOS for COM port access.

          Best regards,

          Bob Zale
          PowerBASIC Inc.