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PB-DOS won't work in my Win XP ??

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  • PB-DOS won't work in my Win XP ??

    I have a new Acer laptop which came with Win XP-Pro
    installed. PB-DOS 3.2 will not run on this machine.
    I can open PB.exe in a DOS window, open, write, edit and save
    files. But, If i choose "RUN" or "COMPILE" the DOS window
    goes blank and nothing happens. I have to force closure
    of the DOS window.
    Also, a compiled executable from a Win ME machine
    where I previously had pb-dos, will not run on my
    XP-Pro machine.
    I'm baffled ! Any ideas???

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    I don't have an answer, however i'd check the settings of the link to PB.EXE (right-click on PB.EXE, properties). Try to play especially with "Memory" tab.

    About the executable from the Win ME machine, you should specify what it means that it will not run (error ? freeze ?); one possibility is that that program uses VIRTUAL arrays and on XP you didn't set it to get any EMS (see "Memory" tab above).

    If you'll be able to post more detailed info you'll have more probabilities to get help.

    Davide Vecchi
    [email protected]


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      Does it have a 64-bit AMD processor?

      Bruce Huber


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        Since you can, apparently, run PB in the first place,this may
        not be valid but you might want to check to see if your 16-bit
        subsystem is installed.

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          this might be some use

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          A dozen what.