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  • USB Print ?

    Have I heard correctly that PB DOs 3.5
    has added a USP port print command in addition to LPRINT??


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    Nope. Can't get from here to there under DOS. Download the eval
    version of Lance's DosPrint and try that.

    I usually just print info to a disk file and bring it up under
    WordPad or something else like that and print it out from there.

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      The DOS operating system does not support USB ports or
      FireWire ports so PB/DOS is not able to utilize them.
      The best/easiest solution is the PowerBASIC Console Compiler
      for Windows (PB/CC). PB/CC creates true 32-bit Windows
      applications that run in the Console window (DOS box) that
      look like DOS programs. It programs very much like PB/DOS.
      You'll need to make small changes to your existing code, but
      nothing you won't be able to handle easily. You can read
      more about this great and affordable compiler on our web site
      ( ). The complete PB/CC
      manual is available on line at .
      See the XPRINT statements to see how the printing works
      (pretty much just like LPRINT - only with a lot more

      If you have questions after looking over the product
      information, drop an email to mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> and
      we'll be happy to help you.

      PowerBASIC Staff


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        If you do not work in a Windows DOS Box, you can also use my DosUHCI driver to print to an USB printer. The package includes a printer driver which installs as a PRNUSB: device. A LPT1: version of the driver is available on request.