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Running PB programs under 64-bit WinXP

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  • Fred Harris

    As Marco said, the issue seems to be with 64 bit versions of Windows, not 64 bit processors. About a month ago I bought myself a new laptop with an AMD 64 bit Turion processor but still running 32 bit Windows XP Professional. All my DOS programs (and I have piles of them) work just fine!


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  • Marco Pontello
    It won't work on XP x64 edition.
    It will probably work in an emulator. A "real" emulator, like DOSBox or QEMU, but not in a virtualization software like VMware o Virtual PC. Being emulated it will be slower (but this usually isn't a problem with software born on old systems), and some tricks maybe needed depending on how and how much the software need to communicate with the external.

    You can verify and do some test simply downloading one of such emulators and trying (if it works on your machine, it will works also on a system with Windows x64, since the emulator - being a 32bit app - will run fine).


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  • Daniel Raymer
    started a topic Running PB programs under 64-bit WinXP

    Running PB programs under 64-bit WinXP

    One of my customers asked if my PB3.5 software will run on his new computer with 64-bit Windows XP. I said sure, then started checking. The old Forum threads seem to indicate not. Is that the last and only word - PB3.5-compiled programs cannot run on 64 bit Win XP? Is there a workaround?
    I know - move to Windows PB. I've been working on it for 4-5 years now, in my "spare time". When I upgraded to WinXP all the stuff that was working under the earlier Windows stopped working, and I feel too beaten down to dig in and find out why. I'll get back to it, I promise!

    (I posted this a few months ago but accidently put it in CAFE, apparently, and got few replies and none that solved the problem. Hope someone can help now - my customers are starting to scream!