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Freedos and expanded memory

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  • Freedos and expanded memory

    I've been booting freedos 1.0. because it's the only dos
    I can find that can access large hard drives(up to 128G?).
    But when I try to use expanded memory in PowerBASIC 3.5, PB
    reports error 202, which is an "expansion memory error". I
    understand that it's not PB's problem, but I was just wondering
    if anyone understood what triggers this error in PB. I am
    asking because Japheth, who wrote an excellent emm386
    driver replacement based on the freedos code, has expressed
    a willingness to work on his code(which exhibits the same
    behavior) in an effort to make it work with PB. You can
    download his version(complete with sources) at:

    I've tried several emm drivers to try and fix this, but few
    work very well with freedos. when Japheth gets his driver to
    work with PB, it will certainly become my favorite because
    it only uses 512 bytes of low memory and it seems to be
    faster than the others I've tried(haven't done any tests
    though). There's a thread on for anyone who
    is interested. Oh yes, and all I have to do to trigger the
    error is dim anything virtual such as:


    Please help

    P.S. japheth's emm driver works with msdos(others also)
    so you don't have to boot freedos to try it.

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    Never mind, japheth fixed it. The new version can be found

    If your using freedos you'll need this or something like it to
    access expanded memory from your PB code, although I figure
    japheth's fix will be incorporated into the freedos version soon,
    Japheth's version will still be the best I've seen.


    P.S. don't forget to check out the other stuff at Japheth's site
    it looks really cool.


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      Correct link:

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