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shelling from PB3.5 to a dosbox

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  • shelling from PB3.5 to a dosbox

    I want to use a PB3.5 program (say it's C:\PB35\ask.exe) to shell
    a command line out to astrolog.exe located in a doxbox in
    C:\DOSBOX. this command line instructs astrolog.exe to put it's
    calcs in a data file that ask.exe will open and read. I had an
    idea that getting a dual monitor card would be immensely helpful
    here, so I could actually watch the astrolog activity in the
    dosbox on a second monitor, while working in the PB35 directory on
    the main monitor - is this possible &/or practical ?


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    If you are talking about just the SHELL operation to an .EXE program
    and returning to the running PB 3.5 program, then consider investing
    in a utility called ULTRASHELL. If you compile the PB 3.5 EXE from
    which you intend to do the sheel child operation, then use ULTRAHSELL
    to treat your compiled .EXE, it works like a champ.

    I've been using this add-on to PB 3.5 for DOS programs for a long
    time now and am thouroughly pleased. The external program runs, does
    whatever it does, including screen video, then on close down, you pop
    right back into your compiled PB 3.5 program. The purpose of the
    ULTRASHELL utility is to slush the critical parts of your parent
    executable into high memory to give you the largest part of 'normal'
    DOS memory in which to execute the child program. This makes it
    possible to run much larger child programs than you otherwise could do
    with the as-provided SHELL function in PB 3.5.

    Passing data between your parent PB 3.5 program and the child program
    can be done by slushing that data to disk file operations. And that
    also goes for the reverse flow of data between the child back to
    the parent if needed.

    At least in my view, this is a far easier to control and debug process
    than the CHAIN way of doing things in PB 3.5. But others may dispute
    that, depending on experience, variables and programming objectives.
    I guarantee my registration fee for the ULTRASHELL utility was worth it
    for my needs.

    Mike Luther
    [email protected]
    Mike Luther
    [email protected]


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      Can you convert file from .txt to .exe as perl2exe ?

      Thank you if you show it in SHELL or ULTRASHELL as the
      code to write with SHELL from this forum:

      SHELL "DIR /S C:\*.* > tempt.txt".



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        +1 for UltraShell - that is one AWESOME library to use.

        I wrote a program called Inter-Sceptre, it answered the phone and connected to an ascii client.

        Gave the user three choices, 2 were BBS's and the 3rd was an answering machine (To type in)...

        UltraShell handled it SO much better and kept the COMM alive when it did it also.

        I miss Dos programming..

        Scott Turchin
        MCSE, MCP+I
        Computer Creations Software
        Sometimes you give the world the best you got, and you get kicked in the teeth.
        Give the world the best you got anyway.
        - Ted Nugent (God, Guns, and Rock n' Roll)
        Scott Turchin
        MCSE, MCP+I
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