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Dos and USB ?

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  • Dos and USB ?


    any idea´s to use an usb-port onto an PC wir pure Dos ( MS 6.22
    or Caldera Dr.Dos ) ?

    And other memory cards ???

    Thanks for answere


    Matthias Kuhn


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    Make a download of the "Hiren's Boot CD 8.9" and use the DOS stuff you can find in it. Remember to enable the legacy USB/DOS in your CMOS.

    Edited: Look the contents here!

    Arthur Gomide
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      You are welcome to use my USB for DOS driver:




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        I've never tried it, but I believe the DOSPRINT utility could help you.



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          I looked for DOS USB drivers awhile back, and while I don't know
          if this is a definitive answer or not, it seemed that most were
          really intended for use with CD-ROM drives (not even CD-RWs), and
          some supported the 1.x version of USB.

          I realize that the previous posts suggest otherwise, and maybe
          this will turn out to be no problem, but each type of device has
          to have a supporting driver for use on USB, so while you may
          find drivers for CD-ROMs, even hard drives, you may run into a
          gap when it comes to memory sticks, scanners, printers, and so

          I finally just created a bootable XP CD disk which can be used for
          minimal functionality (courtesy of instructions provided by BART
          on the internet), and realized that I could also boot up a
          version of Linux from a CD, which would give me the necessary
          support. It's not DOS, but I had come to realize that sometimes
          the best you can hope for is a medium for moving info back and
          forth to the hard drive, then getting into the mode you prefer
          for working with it.

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            DOSUSB features a programming interface called URB which allows to write
            drivers for any USB device in DOS. Windows and Linux also use a similar
            URB interface that drivers are using.

            However, there are not many people interested in writing DOS drivers
            for USB devices so there are only a few drivers available which I wrote.

            Currently there is a USB printer driver and a mass storage driver which
            supports flash disks, hard disks and memory cards. There is also
            sample code for communicating with serial/usb adapters and USB floppy drives.



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              I've used DUSE for about a year now to dump code to a USB 2.0 external hard drive under DOS 6.2 Works great, it's got documentation and a lot of options. You can download it from here:
              But I'm definitely going to check out George's driver, too.


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