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    I want to produce a word search routine where you might have
    missing characters in the words. MSWORKS uses "???" to indi-
    cate missing characters. How would you go about producing such
    a routine?

    Fred Katzel


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    Somewhere around here is a "LIKE" function written by Dave Navarro for PB/Win (16 bit) but IIRC it should work in PB/DOS, too.

    So you would parse out the "word" (space, comma delimited?) and ask if "is word LIKE("abc???def*") and there you go.

    If you can't find it post here and I'll see if I can find and post it. (I know it is "somewhere" in my code library. Somewhere).

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      yea, i thought so too. i remember d/loading something when i was
      putting that anagram game together. i found a faster solution and
      have thrown out the code (i guess, can't find it). i've searched
      poffs can can't come up with anything there either but i know it
      was on this forum somewhere/somewhen.

      found it!

      anyhow, this is where you start, fred. you have to run through the
      alphabet for each missing character. better add the space in there
      and maybe the hyphen. then you need a long list of words. there are
      about 170,000 in the english language. i've got some or you can get
      them from the web. once you've made up the test words a simple binary
      search will quickly run through the list for you.

      don at dasoftvss dot com
      i program better than
      those who program faster
      and faster than those who program better.


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        originally posted by michael mattias:
        somewhere around here is a "like" function written by dave navarro ...
        like function from vb

        arthur gomide
        "if you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture." -- brian foote and joseph yoder

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