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ReVamp BASM for 8/16 micro

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  • ReVamp BASM for 8/16 micro

    I am considering an add on to my MicroController simulator. This would
    be a Basic to Asm utility similar to BASM. But in this case for a
    single chip microcontroller, the Hitach H8/3644F. If you have heard of
    or seen the Mind-Storm Leggo Robot it contains a similar H8/300L series

    There is a lot of activity on the web for hacking this so
    called Electronic Brick. And by replacing the controller inside with an
    H8/3644F and my in-circuit virtual simulator, I can give them a complete
    development system and Basic source level debugging tool.

    My question is, has anybody converted BASM to a different cpu target
    successfully? Or maybe has done something similar?

    I am currently looking over the source code to get familiar with it and
    appreciate any comments.

    Regards, Jules