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Printing - page overflow

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  • Printing - page overflow

    Can anyone tell me how I can print headings on top
    of each page without counting lines of print?
    There must be an easy way - hopefully.

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    Lloyd, are you wanting to print an "image" as ther header, or just print your text headings in a bigger font size?

    Regardless of which you choose, you have one problem - paper has a finite length. Whatever size your heading is, you can only use the remainder of the page to fill with the "body" of your printout.

    There are possible solutions though, such as using a Windows program to handle the printing - it could be written to scale the printing to the size of the paper, but such a solution is fairly complex - certainly more complex than just counting the lines you send to the printer.

    (My personal project [DOSPRINT] works along these lines by scaling to the page width so it probably won't fit your requirements).

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