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  • Best fixed length font

    If REGEDIT is used and you search for MS-DOS Emulation the
    font shows as Lucida Console. I then used this font with
    Don Dickinson's ddoc and printed a text file using Windows 98
    and it looked very nice, but a little dark and big. Does
    anyone know of a good fixed length font that can be used
    to print text files in Windows so they look better?
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    I prefer "Times New Roman" as it is pleasant on the eyes, but it is not a fixed-pitch font. For fixed pitch, "MS LineDraw" is not too bad, but there is always good-old Courier. MS Linedraw used to come with early versions of MS Office.

    Note that fonts that render nicely on the screen often look less-attractive when rendered on a high-resolution device like a printer, and the results can often vary from one printer to the next.

    It is easy to get fooled by the fonts printers too... if a printer has a _suitable_ built-in font, then the printer will handle the rendering itself, rather than letting the (Windows) driver perform the rendering. In addition, asking for a font with particular characteristics can result in a completely different font being chosen by the driver or printer. Technically, the process of font selection by the GDI engine (Windows itself and/or the printer's own font engine) is very complex, and all sorts of rules are applied to the process of selecting a font the matches the requested font as closely as possible.

    For more information, check out MSDN or the Hewlett Packard PCL Developers Guide ($$$) for VERY detailed information on the process of truetype font rendering and selection - these resources describe the process in much more detail than most folks ever need to know!

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