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  • Question about PBC

    PBC produces a different EXE depending on how PBC is launched. I have PBC.EXE 3.2 located in its own directory \PB32
    My source files are all located in directory \NWT
    I also have copy of PBC in the same directory as my source files.
    While in the current directory of C:\NWT I compile my source using the command line PBC SOURCE.BAS. This results in ONE.EXE
    I then compile using the command line \PB32\PBC SOURCE.BAS resulting in TWO.EXE
    When the EXE files are compared they are different.
    I am using W98 Version 4.10.2222 on a HP 8570c 96MB Memory
    PowerBASIC Compiler Version 3.20
    14619 statements, 18671 lines
    Compile time: 00:02.7 Compilation speed: 414600 lines/minute
    200848 bytes code, 9088 bytes data, 8192 bytes stack
    Segments(4): 51k/47k/59k/41k

    Comparing files one.exe and two.exe
    00001782: 25 2B
    00001784: 25 2B
    Can anyone explain the diffrence between these files
    Thanks in advance for any help or comments
    Bernie Lazette

    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

    [email protected]

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    Apparently the compiler places several "uninitialized" bytes in the file which are not relevant to the code when the EXE is executed, and there are also some bytes which (internally) sigify how the file was compiled.

    In other words... don't worry... it's quite normal.

    PowerBASIC Support
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    mailto:[email protected]