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INKEY$ causes program crashes

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  • INKEY$ causes program crashes


    When I compile even a simple program with V2.10f and I make use of the INKEY$ function, the program crashes after I run the program and type a few keys on the keyboard. I run the programs under DOS 6.22 on a Pentium system.

    All the other statements -even TIMER interrupt routines- run flawless except the "simple" use of the INKEY$ function.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something really wrong? Please help!

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    I'd lay odds that you have a problem with your code... There were "countless" copies of 2.10 sold, and no issues with INKEY$ were ever discussed (to my knowledge).

    First, when you say it "crashes", what exactly happens?

    How seriously did you try to debug the apparent problem? For example, did you add a $ERROR ALL ON meta-statement to the code? Did you try to single step the code in the IDE to identify at which point things go wrong?

    If you still can't locate the soyurce of your problem, post a compilable example, and we can see what we can do to help further. Thanks!

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