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Pasting foriegn text into PowerBASIC

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    Pasting foriegn text into PowerBASIC

    I'm using PowerBASIC compiler version 3.2 and have a question. I would like to be able to copy information from an outside program (IE, netscape, MSWord, etc.) and paste it into the edit screen of PowerBASIC. I don't know how to go about doing this... I can't paste in anything from the outside, as the clipboard won't let me. How do I paste other text into PB? Thanx ahead of time.


    Travis, the rules of this BBS require that you register with your full name (first and last)... alias's and handles are not permitted. Please reregister correctly before posting further messages. Thanks!

    To answer your question, you can easily paste text into the PB IDE directly from the Windows clipboard: Copy the test to the clipboard normally, and launch the IDE (PB.EXE) and position the cursor at the desired insert position. Switch off indenting (CTRL+O,I), and then press ALT+SPACEBAR to bring up the system menu for the DOS window. Next, choose EDIT, then PASTE, and you're done.

    You can also paste into the IDE directly from a disk file by locating the cursor within the IDE, then press CTRL+K,R, then select the file as necessary.

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