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  • Lance Edmonds
    Windows 3.x allocates less time to a background application, which can interfere with the timing of the fax transmission.

    I use the following code to set a "critical section" during the fax transmission to stop Windows interfering with the the fax session timing.

            call Text2Fax(Fax)              ' No convert the file
            if Fax.FaxError then FinishedFax' Error occurred?
            if (istrue bit(pbvHost,8)) and (isfalse bit(pbvHost,5)) then    ' only if not in the IDE and Windows is running!
                asm MOV AX,&H1681
                asm INT &H2F
            end if
            call PBFax(Fax)                 ' Now fax the converted document
            if (istrue bit(pbvHost,8)) and (isfalse bit(pbvHost,5)) then
                asm MOV AX,&H1682
                asm INT &H2F
            end if
    (Author of PBFax)

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  • Steve Bouffe
    started a topic Question About PBFAX8B

    Question About PBFAX8B

    Is it possible to run this in a win 3.11 dos box

    I have tried it on an old 483 sx25 box.

    If the window is active (the one with pbfax) it seems to work.

    However when it's minimised, the fax transmission encounters an error.

    Is it just that the old pc is running out of steam ?