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    Need to know how to make a tsr program in PowerBasic. Standard exe file and source written in QB4.5. Need to convert to tsr.

    Garrett Blanton
    [email protected]

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    Garrett, I assume this is a pre-purchase query?

    PB/DOS 3.5 comes with two dense volumes in the form of a User's Guide and a Reference Guide. The Users Guide contains a whole chapter dedicated to TSR creation, with "theory" and example code.

    In brief, a PB/DOS TSR works by using the POPUP SLEEP statement to enter resident mode. A PB TSR can be set to "wake up" with the POPUP statement, and can do so in reaction to an interrupt (POPUP INTERRUPT), after a period of inactivity (POPUP QUIET), by intercepting key strokes (POPUP KEY), via the multiplex interrupt (POPUP MULTIPLES) or by timer (POPUP TIMER), etc. A PB TSR can even place keystrokes into the keyboard buffer. The multiplex interrupt is an interesting method... it makes it possible to communicate with TSR from another program!

    All PowerBASIC compilers come with a 30 day money-back guarantee (execpt if delivered electronically), and the purchase price of PB/DOS has been significantly reduced (recently), so you can buy and try it for yourself.

    Alternatively, there is a trial version of PB/DOS 3.2 available from the PB FTP site at . Both versions contain an online help which contains the POPUP statement explanations - in comparison, the Users Guide is more like a tutorial.

    Additionally, the PB/DOS example files can be downloaded from the FTP site and reviewed at your leisure - the examples include a skeleton TSR application ready for adaption to your own use.

    If you have any more questions, just ask!

    PowerBASIC Support
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    mailto:[email protected]