A good structure is probably the most important quality of the source code. But, as discussed in previous threads (like PB DOS executables speed), this often results in a slower exe. The slowing probably impacts the application effectiveness most of times a non relevant quantity, but e.g. in repeated processing of big input data the slowing could be sensible.

Using procedures and local variables is necessary to keep the code from becoming day by day a dark box, but they are slower. I also suspect that a source code with GOTOs instead of DO/LOOP, CALL, FOR/NEXT etc. would result into a faster exe. Anyway i think there are many other control structures and other things that could be unstructured for a better speed.

It would be nice having a program that unstructures the structured code (the copy to be compiled..). Does somebody know such a program?
Any comment would be interesting to me.
Thanks in advance.

Davide Vecchi