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Not enough memory for 3.5 - memmaker?

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  • Not enough memory for 3.5 - memmaker?

    Since I bought a new computer with Windows98, I no longer have enough memory to compile PB3.5 files in memory. Windows95 had memmaker which was easy to set up, however I cannot find it in Windows98. Is it there? If not, what else can I do? When I type MEM at the DOS prompt, it shows that I have no Expanded Memory.
    Thank you anyone for your help.

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    To get EMS, you'll need to edit your C:\CONFIG.SYS file.. add these lines (if not already there)


    This will enable EMS and maybe free up a little memory..

    use mem/c/p to get more info than mem alone.

    You can tell EMM386 what segment addresses to use for EMS pages or Upper Memory Blocks..but the addresses you can safely specify vary from machine to machine...if you look for a tool on the Win98 CD called MSD, it might help you find those unused areas... if you run MSD and go to the Memory section, look in there for empty blocks between 0xA000 and 0xFFFF. On almost all of the computers I've had, I've used E000 - EFFF, but again, this varies. Anyway, if you find a free range of blocks, you can specify them to EMM386 like this:


    You can also tell emm386 how much memory to make available as EMS. Replace RAM with the amount of memory in kilobytes you want available... The less you tell it to make available as EMS memory, the less overhead is required by EMM386 and the more free conventional memory you'll have free.

    If you go to the tools\oldmsdos directory on the Win 98 CD, you'll find msd.exe. Also, you can run and get more info. about EMM386.EXE.

    As far as memmaker goes, if you still have your Win 95 CD, grab it off of there, it should still work.


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      Thanks, Jason. By adding your 3 lines to the config.sys, I did gain some desparately needed conventional memory. I spent 4 hours on the memmaker thing and here's what I discovered. It's part of DOS 6.0 rather than Win95. The update on DOS 6.2 doesn't work at all with Win98 (it won't even load). The version on 6.0 works but makes things worse - I guess that's why MS dumped it from Win98. Anyway, things are better - not perfect but better. It sure beats the hell out of the old Exatron stringy-floppies that I use to thing were the cat's meow!



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        Shot in the dark comment.

        Does anyone know if the QEMM memory manager version 8 or above
        still works with WIN98 as well? If it does and you cannot get
        enough memory in the ways that were suggested, perhaps this
        low cost utility may get you back to where you want to be.

        Since going to OS/2 all these years ago, I've had fewer and
        fewer DOS boxes to enable. However, all of my executables needed
        even the little extra memory that QEMM could get me, beyond what
        EMM386 could do. The analysis tools that came with Quarterdeck's
        suite were far better for me - Manifest (MFT.EXE) saved me
        hours and hours of fooling around with its ability to trace and
        report memory conflicts and help had-tweek what OPTIMIZE every
        now and then didn't do.

        As well it was the only tool I ever had that ever got me the
        ability to find some of the dreaded handle and file-managment
        snarlups that TSR programs sometimes leave on the disk.

        My memory is that QEMM version 8 works fine with WIN95, but i
        have never yet had a WIN-95 box I needed to test it on. You
        may have alerted me to what is coming for folks that run my
        stuff on WIN-98 machines. It needs what you need as well!]

        Thanks ..

        Mike Luther
        [email protected]
        Mike Luther
        [email protected]


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          Yep, Qemm 97 works great with Win 98. It works on my own machine,
          and it works on other machines that I've put together.
          I've not run into any problems with it yet, and it gets more
          free conventional memory than any other memory manager that I've
          tried. Not only that, but they couldn't have made the install
          and setup any easier. If you're running short on conventional
          memory, I (still) recommend it.