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INP and OUT in something other then PB-DOS

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  • INP and OUT in something other then PB-DOS

    I currently make my programs in PB-DOS that run in windows.. And with the aid of WINLIB I can have full controll to dos and turn off windows timeslices out of my program. I use this program to track a device that I have made that is connected to the printer port. I am wondering if thear is any whay to have FULL controll like I do now and INP and OUT port access in the new Windows NT type OSs?

    I MUST have full controll and no interuptions at all. It Uses a high res timer to keep track of changes. Can I do this at all using PB\CC or PB\DLL?

    Thanks for all you help in the pass,

    Bobby Gage II

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    Because Windows NT virtualizes all hardware access to applications, you need to uase a "kernal mode driver" (the NT equivalent of a VxD) in order to gain direct access to the hardware. For port access, there are a number of free and/or cheap kernal mode drivers available.

    However, you'll need to be running a 32-bit Windows app to use these drivers - however, a standard 32-bit application will be preemptively time-sliced by Windows. It is possible to raise the priority of an application, but it is compilcated and using a "real-time priority" for more than a few seconds is almost certain to crash the O/S.

    It sounds like you may be better off staying in the DOS domain with this type of app... Windows NT is certainly not designed to make this type of task easy!

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