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acces to TCP stack

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  • Eric Pearson
    here is a recent thread about this topic...

    the thread was mostly about pb/dos programs in a windows dos box, but it contains information about plain dos too. if you have any additional questions, i'd suggest adding to that thread, not this one, so all of the information that is accumulated will be in one place.

    -- eric

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  • Dirk Gelbrich
    Guest started a topic acces to TCP stack

    acces to TCP stack

    Hello out there!

    A Newbie needs help!

    I need to access the Novell TCP stack running on a DOS-PC (not Windows Dos-Box) but I can not find any librarys or ways to get control of it.

    Has anybody some information or ideas?

    Is it possible to acess the C-Librarys from Powerbasic?


    Dirk Gelbrich