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Numeric Variable Watching

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Can you please post a small (compilable) snippet and list the names of the variables that are giving you trouble? If the code is "large" or "unpublishable" (ie, not for public consumption), email it to me and I'll see if I can duplicate your problem. All code sent to Tech Support is treated in strict confidence, but must be accompanied with your PB/DOS serial number.


    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Michael Foy
    started a topic Numeric Variable Watching

    Numeric Variable Watching

    Whales watching is fun and so is to some extent variable watching in debug mode with PB3.5

    but... PB has started keeping secrets from me, instead of the contents of the numeric variables appearing at the bottom of the screen it just says Syntax Error

    This is strange since the string variables are ok and also in that if you convert the number into a string variable it will show it

    It suddenly started happening, have I turned something off? or is PB playing up?!

    I tried version 3.2 and that's fine and have copied another version of 3.5 over, but it just won't play ball.

    Suggestions, please