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Problem with INKEY$

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  • Fred Katzel
    I have found the problem. It was in another part of the program.
    There is no problem with INKEY$. This topic can now be eliminated.


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  • Eric Pearson
    The easiest way would probably be to do something like this...

    c = c + 1: LOCATE 21, 10 + c
    IF B$ = CHR$(13) THEN 
        PRINT "Enter"
        PRINT B$
    END IF
    -- Eric

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  • Fred Katzel
    started a topic Problem with INKEY$

    Problem with INKEY$

    The following is the input portion for a large program:

    2: DO
    b$ = INKEY$
    LOOP UNTIL b$ <> ""
    IF b$ = CHR$(13) THEN 4
    c = c + 1: LOCATE 21, 10 + c: PRINT b$
    a$ = a$ + b$
    GOTO 2
    4: Begin to separate a$ into its various component and to test them.

    The problem is when I hit RETURN it causes the information above the input portion to roll up one space. I am unable to use INPUT in this particular program because I have the computer working in the background and I don't want to stop it to input informa-tion. Is where some way I can prevent the data above from roll-ing up? Thanks in advance.

    Fred Katzel