As promised, I posted my ZIP unit in the source section (The post in this section was a mistake). It contains of 3 parts: the unit, an include file and a sample program. As you see, the code is in a very early state, but I haven't worked on it since years. These are some known problems I remember:
- The code works only under plain dos - not in the dos box of windows. Strangly it does work under windows in single step mode (F7), but when it really runs (F9) it hangs. I tried some delays but had no success.
- The code is only tested with the parallel port ZIP 100, but should work with any ZIP/JAZ drive if you modify the IsZip function.
- The password routines do not work at all - to be true, I haven't really understood the mechanism.
- I was thinking about a function that returns the drive letter of the ZIP drive, but I have no idea how to do this with no disk in the drive.
If anyone can solve one of this problems, I would be glad to here from you.
The include file gives a list of the public functions and I think they are self explaining.
As a first step I recommend to compile the unit and then the demo to an exe. Type ZipTool /? and play a little with it (Don't use the disk with your one and only backup, please ).

Kind regards, Thomas