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I need help with converting a Qbasic program to Firstbasic.

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  • I need help with converting a Qbasic program to Firstbasic.

    I've made a Qbasic program and now I want to convert it to Firstbasic. I've already done that with other programs before, but this one is quite complicated (it uses the mouse and other stuff). If I could e-mail the program to someone, so that he could convert it to Firstbasic v.1 I and explain how he did it, I would be very thankful.

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    Hi Philip,

    People here are very helpful with specific problems, but as you are asking someone else to do the work for you, you may be better off paying a consultant or a tutor to help you

    So, unless you are willing to pay someone, it would be better if you at least tried to tackle the conversion yourself. If you have a specific problem, feel free to ask for help right here in this forum, as each problem with the conversion arises.

    You can even call upon Tech Support staff too (the email is at the end of this message - your edition of FB must be registered to obtain official support though - you'll need to include your serial number in any email correspondence to Tech Support).

    In the mean time, have you just tried to compile the QBASIC code with FirstBASIC? What was the result? Did you get a compile-time error, or did the program crash or not work at all when run?

    PowerBASIC Support
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    mailto:[email protected]