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Send data to windows application

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  • Send data to windows application

    Is it possible from a DOS application to send data to a windows one.
    I could not use an ASCII file to exchange data.
    Thanks for your help


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    DOS and Windows programs cannot communicate directly (to the best of my knowledge). Interprocess communication (the preferred method of sharing data between two or more 32-bit Windows applications) is not supported between DOS apps and Windows apps. But DOS apps can access the Windows clipboard (in limited ways), posting information on it for the Windows application and reading information from it.

    You can use a file to share data between applications. You must be careful to lock the file when writing to it, and you may have to do some extra work if your program supports multiple users over a network, but there is no inherent reason the programs cannot use a file.

    When you said, "I could not use an ASCII file...", was this a design issue, or did you get some kind of error message? (If you are not locking the file, you will almost certainly have problems.)


    Alan C. Earnshaw
    Information Management Systems, Inc.
    Alan C. Earnshaw
    Information Management Systems, Inc.