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  • Upload file to remote location

    I need to be able to dial up a remote computer via direct modem connection and upload & download files & I'm looking for some source code


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    The "basic" concepts are outlined in the User's Guide - you'll need to have your own application running at each end unless you want to implement standard terminal protocols - the common one is ZModem, but I've yet to find any decent Basic source code for ZModem, although there are (or at least used to be) a lot of ZModem executables around, which could be used via a SHELL.

    However, assuming you want to write the "controlling" code, you'll at least want to implement some sort of error detection for the dial-up link - take a look in the "telecom" section of our files archive for shareware libraries and a selection of source code...

    Another good place to look would be the ABC Archives...

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