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Com Port problems + Mouse limited travel

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  • Com Port problems + Mouse limited travel

    I am having difficulty recieving some data via my laptop com port.
    I have a scale streaming 12 bytes ([01- 123456] for example)
    2.5 times per second. The data format is 2400 baud 7data even parity
    1 stop bit. I can send to the scale no problem but when I attempt to
    input data from the port it just stops at the first attempt.
    I can talk backwards and forwards using terminal or other communications
    programs but no matter how I try to read in data it hangs every time.
    Can someone give me a hand.

    Also for some reason my mouse will not move below the centre of the screen
    in the editor. It works fine everywhere else( windows,dos, other mouse

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    Alan, it certainly sounds like you are having problems! We'll do our best to help you out, but you have not posted enough information to give definitive answers.

    With regard to the mouse problem:

    What O/S are you using?

    What mouse driver? Have you tried a generic driver?

    Have you tested for these problems on another PC?

    With regard the com problem:

    Do you have any "shared" or conflicted interrupts or base memory addresses? (for example, an S3 graphics card can conflict with COM4's base address)

    How are you opening the COM port?

    What sort of handshaking are you using?

    How big did you make the com buffer?

    If you are running under Windows then Xon/Xoff flow control can be corrupted by Windows, and this could lead to flow control problems.

    Also, if you are running under Windows, then what version are you running, and have you tried this without Windows running?

    Also, have you tried this after clean-booting your PC (no drivers or TSR's loaded)?

    Please let us know how you get on with these tests.


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