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PB 3.50 - Network Problem

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  • PB 3.50 - Network Problem

    Hi Power Basic Programmers !

    I still have a problem with Power Basic 3.50 (DOS) and I can not do it:

    I have to use a file by two computers, in a Windows 98 Network, at the same time.
    But i always get the Error message "ERROR 70" - (Permission denied)

    By trying to put the "SHARED" - Command into the Autoexec.bat of both Computers (as written in the manual) i get the DOS-message : wrong DOS version.

    Here is the (bugging ?) code of the 1st programm (1st Computer)
    ´programm 1
    Open C:\DATA\FILE$ for Random Access Read Write AS #1 Len = 423
    Field #1, .......

    Now the Code of the 2nd programm (2nd Computer)
    ´programm 2
    Open L:\DATA\FILE$ for Random Access Read Write AS #2 Len = 423
    Field #2, ...

    - If the Programm on the 1st Computer is running it is not possible to open then same file (L:\DATA\FILE$) at the same time with the 2nd computer
    - If programm 1 is not running the file can be opened by Computer2

    So please can you help me ?
    Where is the mistake ?

    If Possible also send the answer to: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and greetings from Europe !



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    Charly --

    You need the keyword SHARED in your OPEN statements, like this:

    Open "L:\DATA\"+FILE$ for Random Access Read Write SHARED AS #2 Len = 423
    You must use SHARED in all of the OPEN statements that open the shared file.

    -- Eric

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      Also, Windows 98 (and 95) has the SHARE functions built into the OS, and they are automatically available to DOS programs. Unlike DOS, you do not need to load a separate program from AUTOEXEC.BAT or the command line.

      Caution: If you restart Windows 9x in DOS mode, you will not have the SHARE functions available to your programs. You will have to find SHARE.EXE from MS-DOS 6.x, add that program to the SETVER system driver, and restart the computer. I think it will then work properly for you.


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      Alan C. Earnshaw
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