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PB 3.50 - Network Problem

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  • Alan Earnshaw
    Also, Windows 98 (and 95) has the SHARE functions built into the OS, and they are automatically available to DOS programs. Unlike DOS, you do not need to load a separate program from AUTOEXEC.BAT or the command line.

    Caution: If you restart Windows 9x in DOS mode, you will not have the SHARE functions available to your programs. You will have to find SHARE.EXE from MS-DOS 6.x, add that program to the SETVER system driver, and restart the computer. I think it will then work properly for you.


    Alan C. Earnshaw
    Information Management Systems, Inc.

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  • Eric Pearson
    Charly --

    You need the keyword SHARED in your OPEN statements, like this:

    Open "L:\DATA\"+FILE$ for Random Access Read Write SHARED AS #2 Len = 423
    You must use SHARED in all of the OPEN statements that open the shared file.

    -- Eric

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  • Karl Skergeth
    started a topic PB 3.50 - Network Problem

    PB 3.50 - Network Problem

    Hi Power Basic Programmers !

    I still have a problem with Power Basic 3.50 (DOS) and I can not do it:

    I have to use a file by two computers, in a Windows 98 Network, at the same time.
    But i always get the Error message "ERROR 70" - (Permission denied)

    By trying to put the "SHARED" - Command into the Autoexec.bat of both Computers (as written in the manual) i get the DOS-message : wrong DOS version.

    Here is the (bugging ?) code of the 1st programm (1st Computer)
    ´programm 1
    Open C:\DATA\FILE$ for Random Access Read Write AS #1 Len = 423
    Field #1, .......

    Now the Code of the 2nd programm (2nd Computer)
    ´programm 2
    Open L:\DATA\FILE$ for Random Access Read Write AS #2 Len = 423
    Field #2, ...

    - If the Programm on the 1st Computer is running it is not possible to open then same file (L:\DATA\FILE$) at the same time with the 2nd computer
    - If programm 1 is not running the file can be opened by Computer2

    So please can you help me ?
    Where is the mistake ?

    If Possible also send the answer to: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and greetings from Europe !