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    I hear TSR's are easy to create with PowerBasic but have seen
    no easy to understand examples. I want to create a TSR that pops
    up with a set code CTRL-D or Shift-Space or something and it
    allows you to dial a phone number. I want it to store the last
    number there so that you can just hit enter to re-dial it. If
    someone could do this for me so I could get an idea how this
    stuff is done I would be forever greatful as I am lost

    Thank you for your time.

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    As discussed by email, you need to reregister on this BBS (using your first and last name) before posting any further messages.

    If you are a registered/legal owner of PB/DOS, you will have copies of the documentation supplied with it. The Users Guide dedicates a whole chapter to the subject of "popup programming" (TSR's), covering how to make them pop up on a timer, interrupt, keystroke, etc.

    If you do not have a set of manuals, then I would suggest that you contact our Sales department to order a set.

    PowerBASIC Support
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    mailto:[email protected]


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      I have a registered version through a now defunt Napsack company billed to Dean Knapp for PB21 then got an upgrade. I do not have anything except the "Learning Basic" book which I am not a fan of

      After recieving the product I programmed that project in Pascal anyway and then went on to other things and am only now returning to programming at all.

      Thank you for your time,



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        there is a tsr template in the source code forum, along with some other tsr examples...

        powerbasic support
        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>
        mailto:[email protected]