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Win98SE Screen 12 Window Size Problem

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  • Win98SE Screen 12 Window Size Problem

    I run the PB3.5 IDE in a dos window on Win98SE. I have the properties for the window set to run "maximized" and for the settings to be "restored on startup".

    After a screen 0 program ends, the IDE again reappears in a maximized window as I would expect. However if the program enters screen 12 and then ends, the IDE reappears in a normal sized window, not the maximized window which I would prefer.

    In fact, if I single-step thru the program, the IDE screen goes to "normal" size (not maximized) immediately when the screen 12 statement is hit.

    Any ideas on how to solve this? How do others run the IDE under windows. I don't use the fullscreen mode on the IDE since I use the 43-line mode and the fonts under the full-screen mode are not too pleasing.

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    I solved the problem by use of a shareware automation program RTVreco. I set it to maximize the window anytime the window appears. Seems to work fine for me.

    I'm still curious how others have attacked this problem.



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      Because Windows 'emulates' the graphic mode display when the DOS box is not full-screen (windowed), I would summize that it chooses the most efficient size to scale the display correctly. In other words, the (automatic/default) window size is usually directly proportional to the resolution of the graphics mode being displayed.

      As you have found, it is possible to change the window size to your own requirements, but it will definitely be less efficient for Windows to display the graphics that way.

      In other words - the behavior is just one more characteristic of Windows, which means that the behavior *may* vary between versions, and with changes in hardware and/or drivers.

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